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Gconnec is a platform to obtain the latest travel information, fair tours activities deals & convenient purchasing of souvenirs.

Gconnec X Hotels

The Gconnec App is a platform that can provide its users relevant and useful travel information. The Gconnec App allow its users to interactively search, browse, then receive information about services of hotels.

Revolutionary Experience
In-Room Dining

pNo more the traditional ways of ordering meals, guest can enjoy having meals in the comfort of the room.


Guests can obtain respective restaurants information. ie, menu, operating hours, etc.

House Keeping

Guests can request for housekeeping services with just one click.


Various attractive tour activities can be book instantly.

Ads & Promotions

Various promotions can be sent instantly to your guests through the app.

Spa & Massage

Guests can browse and do bookings via the app.

Our Answers To Your Challenges

Here's a list of all our participating hoteliers where you can #TravelwithGconnec

3 Easy Steps

gconnec mobile app
the QR code in YOUR HOTEL ROOM
& enjoy the app

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In this era of modern technologies, how can you not have it?

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